August 2015 Dividends

457K Account: $0
Robinhood Account: $33.15
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp) – $1.2
YUM (YUM Brands Inc.) – $1.64
O (Realty Income Corp) – $2.28
ENZN (ENZON Pharmaceuticals Inc.) – $16
ARTNA (Artesian Resources Corp) – $.22
HCP (HCP Inc.) – $1.13
PER (Sandridge Permian Trust) – $5.08
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $5.60

Sharebuilder Account: $37.01
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP) – $5.35
CNSL (Consolidated Cable Inc.) – $12.17
HAS (Hasbro Inc.) – $3.24
KMI (Kinder Morgan Inc.) – $1.49
NMM (Navios Maritime Partners ) – $7.37
O (Realty Income Corp) – $1.35
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $6.03
Account Interest – $.01

Total From All Sources: $70.16

June Buy/Sell Orders:
Added ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP)
Added DIS (Disney Inc.)
Added KO (Coca Cola Company)
Added DNR (Denbury Resources Inc.)
Added HSY (Hershey Corp.)
Added ORC (Orchid Island Capital Inc.)
Added DF (Dean Foods Company)

That’s right, I am buying hand over fist! Lower prices, bring it on! Didn’t the flash crash hurt you? Yeah, a little, but interestingly it only hurt my 457K account, the one that is supposedly “professionally managed”. The Sharebuilder and Robinhood accounts, the ones that I manage, those actually earned money. Unfortunately the majority of the money I have is in the 457K account so it did hurt my net worth a little bit. Not a big deal though. I consider myself in accumulation mode so when I see those big dips I am buying. No selling right now.

Well, besides the crazy market volatility did you see my dividend returns?! $70.16 is definitely a record for my taxable accounts. I am pushing ever closer to that first $100 per month landmark. I don’t think it will be this year, but it is close.

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