July 2015 Dividends

Dividend wise July continued to be a good month as my monthly dividends (as seen in my taxable accounts) increased. Value wise it wasn’t so great a month. I have a good section of my stock in the energy field and with crude oil prices tanking I am seeing that sector of my portfolio taking a hit. I am trying to average down on my energy stocks. I just don’t see how crude oil in the 40s is sustainable. Plus, oil stocks have great dividend percentages, so if I can hold on and the price does go up it will make for a good profit.

457K Account: $0
Robinhood Account: $15.81
KO (Coca Cola) – $.33
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp) – $1.2
LOAN (Manhattan Bridge Capital INC) – $2.16
O (Realty Income Corp) – $2.28
WMC (Western Asset Mortgage Capital) – $4.48
CIM (Chimera Investment Corp) – $1.44
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $3.92

Sharebuilder Account: $29.64
SNV (Synovus Financial Corp) – $.60
WIN (Windstream Holdings INC) – $1.39
FPI (Farmland Partners INC) – $5.50
O (Realty Income Corp) – $1.34
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP) – $5.25
CSAL (Communications Sales & Leases INC) – $1.31
SPLS (Staples INC) – $1.60
CMCSA (Comcast Corp) – $.50
GE (General Electric CO) – $1.65
DIS (The Walt Disney CO) – $.66
CIM (Chimera Investment Corp) – $7.20
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $5.93
Account Interest – $.01

Total From All Sources: $45.45

June Buy/Sell Orders:
Added ENZN (Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc.)
Added (Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc.)
Added (Orchid Island Capital Inc.)
Added (Wells Fargo & CO)
Added KO (Coca Cola Company)
Added DNR (Denbury Resources INC)
Added HSY (Hershey Company)
Added ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC)
Added HAS (Hasbro INC)

My big sell for the month was NVIDIA. It has gone up a bit, but my average was 23 PPS and I just didn’t see it happening any time soon so I sold. Good news in the technology sector AMD is on a tear thanks to the sell off rumors and very high short averages (that are not sustainable).

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