Where Do I Fit in the World?

I finally got my budget spreadsheets finished for 2018. Not that it matters much because with monthly dividends I will not be getting my finalized tax forms until at least mid-February and with the government shutdown I probably will not  be filing until at least mid-march, but I can get some estimates going so I know approximately what I owe to Uncle Sam. Good news on that is even though I get lazy, I forget stuff, I don’t even post every month like I should, but the good news is my money is always working for me.

The other good news is a lot of my money (about $200K worth) is in tax exempt accounts, so I don’t think I will owe Uncle Sam that much.

The total for December dividends was $4,836.24, total for the year was $7,024.25. As you can see the majority of those dividends came in December. That is the big month for me for dividends, but since that is when most yearly dividends come in I expect that is how it goes for most people.

One of the games I like to play is to see where I am at in the world. With a monthly dividend base at about $585, I am at about the same level as someone at Bulgaria. 55 out of 89 (countries that report), not too bad. It is kind of comforting to know that if all heck broke loose I wouldn’t be completely homeless. I did notice that Egypt was at the bottom of this list at $173 a month, kind of strange to me because I imagine Egypt not to be the richest country in the world but it does have resources. This is not the real bottom though since there are countries that are reporting. For example according to the UN the GDP of Tuvalu is $38 per year, how does anyone live on .10 a day let alone a whole country?! That is a crazy thought to think about.

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