September 2018 Dividends

As always the dividends:

Robinhood Account:
Total – $64.35

Charles Schwab Brokerage Account:
Realty Income $3.96
Interest Payment $.03
Total – $3.99

Charles Schwab ROTH IRA:
Realty Income $2.20
Cedar Fair LP $3.56
Interest Payment $.08
Total – $5.84

ICMA 457K Account:
Total – $390.49

Overall Total: $464.67

I love those big quarterly reports. Dividend wise September was yet another big month. 164% higher than the same month last year. Gotta love that!

What I don’t love is the fact that interest rates are going up. I am not sure the stock market is ready for that kind of inflation. It is starting to show in some of my biggest dividend owners. As much as it hurts me to give up that $28 a month dividend for Orchid Capital (ORC), I felt it was time to sell. I have also put in a put option on the stock as I feel it could fall even lower. I will be takingĀ  a hard look at all my REITs in the upcoming months.

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