Trappings of a Random Saturday

People often ask me how I can afford to travel so much, so this Saturday I stayed home. This is how it turned out:
0800 Slept in, decided today I was going to “make” some money by turning in my empty aluminum cans (I had three big trashcans full of them).
0830 Got to the recycling center in Riverside, CA but the sign said it didn’t open until 0900 so I went to the car wash.
0835 Car Wash was $9. (Total -9)
0845 Still wasn’t 0900 so I decided to get a “15 minute” oil change at Jiffy Lube. Cost was $52. (Total -61)
0855 Jiffy Lube informs me that somehow I have lost my valve stem covers so I go on Amazon to buy new ones. Cost was $7.88. (Total -68.88)
0930 I get out of the “15 minute” oil change and go back to the Riverside recycling center. Long line, but the center is not open.
0945 I decide to go to the recycling center in Moreno Valley. I am amazed at how many aluminum cans people can stuff in their car. I am given $8.71 for my recycling. (Total -60.17)
1000 Invite Denise out to check out the new empanada shop that opened downtown. Cost $16 (-76.17)
1130 Notice my gas tank is under 1/4 , refill to full. Cost $40 (-116.17)

1200 I get home and AJ tells me that he twisted his power chord adapter for his laptop that he uses for school. Cost $20.65 (-136.82)

1400 I realize that it is Fast Sunday weekend and I know the two empanadas I ate earlier is not going to tide me over for 24 hrs. and I don’t want to cook so I ask Denise to order fast food Chinese. Cost $16.73 (-153.55)

1800 Denise asks me what I did today and I realize it isn’t much so I decide to make this blog post. $153.55 to do nothing. That is more than my plane tickets to Morelia, Mexico plane tickets cost. I think there is better ways to spend my time. I don’t care too much about the $153.55 , I can get that back. I can’t however get my time back, that is gone for good. The way I see it is I was going to probably have to spend the $153.55 regardless, I would just rather spend it seeing something new.

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