September 2015 Dividends

I just happen to be on vacation right now on my way to Mexico so I have to admit that I am not very motivated to write about my investments, but I will say this, even though I am on vacation my money never rests. The nice thing about being on the other side of the interest game is my money is always out there 24/7 looking for ways to increase itself. Dollar by dollar, cent by cent, it is slowly increasing.

457K Account: $138.56
Robinhood Account: $12.80
(Aqua America Inc.) – $.36
WFC (Wells Fargo & Co.) – $.75
DF (Dean Foods Co.) – $.84
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp) – $1.2
HSY – (Hershey Co.) – $.58
O (Realty Income Corp) – $2.28
DNY – (Denbury Resources Inc.) – $1.19
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $5.60

Sharebuilder Account: $31.58
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP) – $7.76
FTR (Frontier Communications Corp.) – $5.16
FUN (Cedar Fair LP) – $7.70
O (Realty Income Corp) – $1.35
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $6.12
WM (Waste Management) – $1.17
UL (Unilever PLC) – $2.32

Total From All Sources: $182.94


September 2015 Dividends — 4 Comments

  1. Oh yeah! One of the best posts to write and read as well. Dividend income. Getting close to $200 is a nice sum for not having to actively work for it. Many interesting names in your list that you do not really see among many of the DGI bloggers. Keep that snowball growing.

  2. Dividends have little or notnhig to do with whether a stock is a good buy. If a dividend is extremely high, it is probably not sustainable. Dividends can always be cut. The most important thing is the over-all market trend. The other main thing is earnings growth. If a company keeps increasing its earnings 25% every quarter, that stock will go up even if it pays no dividend, whereas a high-dividend stock that decreases its earnings every quarter is going to go down even in a good market.

    • I agree with you that the dividend has nothing to do with the value of the company, but my particular strategy is to find dividend stocks that could provide a reasonable income potential. There are lot of stocks out there that you can buy and sell, but it gets tiresome to me to constantly be trading stocks, plus the trading fees add up. However, if I drip the dividend on my stock accounts I don’t get charged for those shares, which is a nice little bonus. Like all stocks it comes down to risk. I tend to target growth stocks, which means the company is trying to expand. The risk in that is the expansion the company takes can fail, but for me it is better than not investing at all.

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