Weekend Thoughts 1/18/14

We all want to be something different.

We all want to be something different.

I slightly gained again this week. Had some good wins but also took some losses. I figure as long as the transactions stay green your still doing ok…

Last Week’s Plays:

$ASTI (Ascent Solar Technologies Inc.) Cost Per Share: $.78 Sell Price: $.71

I was trying to be patient with this stock but the fact of the matter is it was just stagnate. I sold at a 10% loss on this stock but I wanted to accumulate other stocks I felt would be more worthwhile.

$RNN (Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Cost Per Share: $1.12 Current Price: $1.10

Another bio stock. I liked this stock because it has a lot of catalysts in the making. It should be choppy for awhile but I think if I give it time I can get out at $2.00.

$BLDP (Ballard Power Systems Inc.) Cost Per Share: $2.07 Sell Price: $2.39

$PLUG had a recent conference call that I thought was good, but apparently it was not good enough for investors and $PLUG went down. $BLDP being the supplier for $PLUG started to go down with it and so I sold out on this stock. Was very happy with the gains I made on this stock. I still think the stock and fuel cell concept is good, but I am going to just stay with $PLUG.

$CNDO (Coronado Biosciences Inc.) Cost Per Share: $2.23 Current Price: $2.89

Something is up with this stock. On Friday it started to surge and was briefly up over $3 but then came back down. Looking at transcript records it looks like insiders are taking up options to buy. My main catalyst for this stock was to be the IND disclosure which I still haven’t seen, but seeing how big money is adding I decided to do the same.

Coming Plays:



$PLUG (Plug Power Inc.) Cost Per Share: $3.41 Current Price: $3.48

As I mentioned last week they had a Conference call this week. The conference call in my opinion was good. The CEO said some really good things. Two new contracts, expansion into Asia, and that they were still expected to meet their sales goals. Apparently it was not good enough for stock holders because after a brief rise to $4.20 people started to short the stock. My guess is it was just day traders. As soon as the day trader interest subsides a bit this stock should be back to regular business. Until then we will have to deal with volatility. Next major news for this stock comes in March, so it will probably be stagnate until then.

$ARIA (Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Cost Per Share: $6.83 Current Price: $6.90

The stock is still being kept down, mostly by shorts, which was very evident on Friday when many had to cover. The stock briefly went into the $7 dollar range but day traders let them off easy when they started to sell. It is all good though because as these weaker hands get shook out of their profits the stock will shoot up.

$HA (Hawaiian Holdings Inc.) Cost Per Share: $7.03 Current Price: $10.83

This stock is still doing well. I have a sell order set in the $14 dollar range. I didn’t think it would get there until next November but at this rate who knows how fast it could get there. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see this company get bought out soon.

$HYSR (Hypersolar Inc.) Cost Per Share: $.01 Current Price: $.0058

No news here just steady. Some minor ups and downs but nothing ever to get excited about.

$KOOL (Thermogenesis Inc.) Cost Per Share: $1.05 Current Price: $1.09

A lot of short selling showing up. Nothing in the stock in my opinion merits it. I will stay the course on this stock. Everything looks fine.

$OPK (OPKO Health Inc.) Cost Per Share: $9.19 Current Price: $8.72

Slowly moving up. People are getting tired of playing with this stock, but that is ok with me.  As short interest decreased I think there will be potential here.

$SIRI (Sirius XM Radio) Cost Per Share: $3.19 Current Price: $3.72

Sirius recently declared some great subscriber numbers but the stock stayed at the same level. Liberty Radio I guess is intentionally keeping this stock flat. If they are going to buy out the company I wish they would just go ahead and do it. They can already vote out the stock holders, I rather get my class C shares, get my target $4.25, and get out. It was an exciting stock but now it is kind of boring. At least I am still ahead.

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