Weekend Stock Thoughts 1/11/13

The stock market in general was a Bear (went down) market. I played mostly in the small cap funds (as usual). Took some losses, but overall I have been hitting some really big wins…

Last Week’s Plays:

$ACHN (Achillon Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Cost Per Share: $2.96 Current Price: $3.82

Was hoping for a breakout over $4, but after several attempts up in that range I just don’t see enough conviction at this time. Seeing as how I was already up over my cost per share I decided it was time to cash in on this stock at $3.85. Not the gain I wanted, but 30% is a big gain by anyone’s measure. I may revisit this stock if I see strong conviction over $4 with momentum to $5.

$PLUG (Plug Power Inc.) Cost Per Share: $3.41 Current Price: $3.65

Not really a past play because I am still moving fast and furious on this stock, but I did cycle this week at $4.  I have been cycling this stock for big gains (you buy it low, sell high, then buy again low). I first invested with these guys when the stock was .70 a share. It is crazy, I have already made 300% profit in this stock and people are saying it could go to $5. The company put out 30 million dollars worth of new shares this week which should have diluted the price to $3 per share, but they all got bought out by one buyer! Alternative fuel is big and these guys have been drawing in some big customers. Tuesday they have a conference call, hopefully it will provide new insights.

$URG (UR Energy Corp.) Cost Per Share: $1.50 Current Price: $1.32

Sold out my share in these guys at $1.38. Small loss, but I just didn’t see trend line moving in my favor. Uranium might still be big, but the bigger trend seems to be with less dangerous energy sources.


Coming Plays:

$BLDP (Ballard Power Systems Inc.) Cost Per Share: $2.07 Current Price:

I spun some of my $PLUG gains into this company. Basically I wanted my money to stay close to Fuel Cell Technology, but diversify a bit. Ballard Power Systems is the main supplier for power generators to $PLUG. The company’s financial officer is due to speak next week. I think it will be a big boost and I hope to see PPS (price per share) over $3. Factors aside I will look for exits at about $3.50.

$ARIA (Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Cost Per Share: $6.83 Current Price: $6.73

This stock is currently experiencing heavy short interest. I also see a lot of institutional buying in this stock. Those are divergent issues when it comes to a stock. My gut tells me that someone is artificially keeping this stock down. I am staying with this stock at least until $8.

$ASTI (Ascent Solar Technologies Inc.) Cost Per Share: $.78 Current Price: $.73

Trying to be patient with this stock. It was supposed to debut some new solar iPhone cases at CES but I haven’t heard any news on that come out. I am still targeting $1.20 for this stock.

$CNDO (Coronado Biosciences Inc.) Cost Per Share: $1.69 Current Price: $2.74

Still waiting for this stock to move up. There is a medical conference this week so I am hoping that will give this stock some momentum. If I am really lucky they will talk about their IND application for their January studies.

$HA (Hawaiian Holdings Inc.) Cost Per Share: $7.03 Current Price: $10.61

All news has been positive for this stock. The new China lines are going well, customer satisfaction is high, and costs are in check. I continue to go long (holding for over a year) in this stock.

$HYSR (Hypersolar Inc.) Cost Per Share: $.01 Current Price: $.006

No real news here. Sometimes I see a brief jump due to PLUG or BLDP, but without new research news it is still for all intents and purposes flat.

$KOOL (Thermogenesis Inc.) Cost Per Share: $1.05 Current Price: $1.28

Technical chart patterns for this stock look good. There was a bit of profit taking at $1.30, but that is healthy as it scales up.

$OPK (OPKO Health Inc.) Cost Per Share: $9.19 Current Price: $8.63

Still behind on this stock, but I see hope as the CFO seems to be accumulating shares.

$SIRI (Sirius XM Radio) Cost Per Share: $3.19 Current Price: $3.70

The Liberty Radio news is starting to take effect, price is going up, but not much about that $3.68 offer. The $3.68 is really a low ball offer in my opinion, but I still have hope that Apple or Google might take some interest in the company. Otherwise I guess I am going to get some Class C Liberty shares (which isn’t that bad either).


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