Weekend Thoughts 2/1/14

Slap a 2013 on that ship and off we go...

Slap a 2013 on that ship and off we go…

January was not the greatest month as far as the stock market went. All major indices were down and finding really good breakout plays has been really hard. I am still constantly scanning for new stocks to play, but for right now I am mostly just hunkering down and trying to play with what I know. I am trying to play the “save the capital” game with my stocks and did some selling and buying based off that. I may make some re-entries into some of my dividend stocks. Dividend stocks tend to be safer, but they sure as heck are not as fun when it comes to cycling profits.

Last Week’s Plays:

$KOOL (Thermogenesis Inc.) Cost Per Share: $1.05 Current Price: $2.20, Sold $2.25

Talk about riding the wave. On 1/21/14 the company announced positive trial results and the stock soared like an eagle to over $3 a share. I quickly sold some at $2.99, but held the rest for the ride. Unfortunately, on 1/27 they announced 6.67 Million in new shares, which quickly diluted the stock. Crashing down I set my stock to lock in a gain of 110% (not too shabby). The stock is still fading right now, but it will come back. Under $2 is still a buy in my opinion, if I see $1.75 I will load up again for the cycle.

$RNN (Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Cost Per Share: $1.12 Current Price: $1.15

Used some extra money I had to add to this stock. I recently went as high as $1.30. More test results should be coming soon with this stock. I still have my eye on $2, I think it will be a bit bumpy, but I still see it coming for March.

$HXM (Desarrolladora Homex ADR) Cost Per Share: $1.68 Current Price: $1.54

This Mexican home construction company I think might see some spicy action soon. My research shows it’s recent fall was due to some troubled financing, but I heard on Mexican TV (knowing Spanish really helps) that Banorte (a Mexican bank) is going to finance them and that they will be building more homes soon. $3.00 PPS is my current target for this share.

Coming Plays:



$CNDO (Coronado Biosciences Inc.) Cost Per Share: $2.23 Current Price: $2.72

The chart on this stock is poised for a breakout any second. If it wasn’t for the market I believe we would already be in the mid 3’s, as it is the stock is just in a holding pattern. All it needs is a catalyst (can those CNDO201 test results come out now?!) and BOOM we go right to $4.

$PLUG (Plug Power Inc.) Cost Per Share: $3.41 Current Price: $3.02

I am holding on for dear life with this stock. I know the CEO can’t just go releasing PR’s every week, but the market is really killing this stock. The only thing that keeps me in this stock is the tantalizing Facebook pictures of CEO Andy Marsh’s visit to China. New deal soon I hope?

$ARIA (Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Cost Per Share: $6.83 Current Price: $7.39

Stupid British tabloids!! I think they should be arrested for spreading such a stupid buyout rumor. No one is buying out Ariad. Yes, their leukemia medicine is unique, and yes, it is on the market, but they don’t need a buyout. The stock is worth $10 PPS on it’s own. All the buyout rumor did was delay the natural cycle and hurt a lot of retail buyers. Well, I guess all those new retailers will just have to sit and wait with me until we go back NATURALLY up to $10 PPS. LESSON: Don’t get your stock advise from tabloids.

$HA (Hawaiian Holdings Inc.) Cost Per Share: $7.03 Current Price: $10.16

Several rating agencies upgraded this stock to $13 PPS but the market has kept it down. I am ok though. I am way above the base for this stock and super-long. Not really even thinking of selling this stock till 2015.

$HYSR (Hypersolar Inc.) Cost Per Share: $.01 Current Price: $.0057

Again no news, just minor ups and down. Might as well play another round of solitaire than pay attention to this stock.

$OPK (OPKO Health Inc.) Cost Per Share: $9.19 Current Price: $7.93

Guess I am super long on this stock too. I see a lot of insider buying, but it doesn’t move much. I guess you don’t have a loss until you actually sell. I have no reason to sell, I just wish I wasn’t so behind on this stock. Good lesson in patience.

$SIRI (Sirius XM Radio) Cost Per Share: $3.19 Current Price: $3.58

Speaking of patience my last stock is Sirius XM. Liberty Radio has basically put a cap on this stock. Despite growing customer base, excellent numbers, and increasing number of interesting shows this stock keeps fading. At this point I say if Liberty Radio is going to buyout the stock then they should do that already. I am tired of waiting for paint to dry. $4.25 is my TP on this stock.

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