Oops I am Lazy but My Money Isn’t

Oops, I have been lazy but as the title says, luckily my money isn’t lazy. As long as it is invested it continues to work regardless what I do, which I will discuss later really isn’t much. Here are some number so you can get an idea of where I have been with dividends (from all accounts):

Jan 18: 87.82
Feb 18: 47.61
Mar 18: 317.95
Apr 18: 94.90
May 18: 63.80
Jun 18: 758.62
Jul 18: 116.41

As you can see in February I was a bit low. I moving around some of my stocks that month so I ended up being a little low. Re-assessing your stocks every once in awhile I think is a good thing. I like to look at where my stocks are and see if they still stand the test of why I buy them.

One stock recently I felt I had to move on from was Dean Foods (DF). I liked the company but the writing is on the wall, people are just not so enthusiastic with dairy these days. Put in a few tariffs on our exports and I don’t see much a future for the company (at least not for the next 3 or so years. On the other hand I continue to love Southwest Airlines, which is great because their stock ticker is LUV. I have definitely increased my position in them lately. I think their model of budget, but still including the basics is going to work well for them. They are also really good at buying fuel contracts, so that acts as an extra bonus.

It is a bit of research but that is really not that much work because to me it is like a hobby. I like looking up information on different companies. A fun hobby that just happens to be netting me about $200 a month. I should also mention that the majority of my position is somehow related to the SP500, either through a mutual fund or just SPY, that just means I am investing in the economy as a whole, which to me is a very cheap way to go if you don’t have a solid opinion. All in all, not bad for sitting on my couch surfing the internet.

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