August 2018 Dividends

OK, it isn’t the end of August but as far as dividends go, it is the end for me. August isn’t a great month for dividends for me, but it is OK because I still get some dividends, plus as you will see I also got a different surprise.

So first the dividends:

Robinhood Account:
Artesian Resources $2.39
Sandridge Permian Trust $5.42
HCP $9.25
EPR Properties $2.16
Realty Income $6.60
Orchid Capital, Inc. $27.99
AGNC Investment Corp. $7.20
Consolidated Communications $3.87
Interest Payment $.10
Total – $64.98

Charles Schwab Brokerage Account:
Realty Income $3.96
Interest Payment $.03
Total – $3.99

Charles Schwab ROTH IRA:
Realty Income $2.20
Interest Payment $.02
Total – $2.20

ICMA 457K Account:
Total – $0

Overall Total: $71.19
Not as cool as last month when I was over $100 but I know that next month is going to be huge. Why? Because most stocks (and most of mine are common) pay out in March, June, September, and December. Plus, I made 9% more in dividends this month than I did last year in August, so I can feel confident the dividends are still growing.

Not a dividend stock (yet), the big star stock for the month was AMD. I am over 49% gain just this month. I first bought this stock April 13, 2015. At that time I was experimenting with Bitcoin. As I was researching Bitcoin, then Litecoin, then Ripple, etc. I started to notice a trend, everyone was using AMD microprocessors in their mining rigs. The name was not unfamiliar to me. AMD was a rival to another company called NVDIA. They went head to head with each other in the 90s making graphic cards and NVDIA won, only to have both companies see major losses in the recession of 2008. I decided to do some research in the company and learned about how AMD builds graphic processors for use in embedded systems. A GPU with an integrated graphics processor is genius. This is not new technology, Intel is doing the same thing, the thing is AMD is doing it better. A smaller company than INTEL, AMD was poised to build better chips faster than anyone else.

In 2015 all the analysts were having none of that, my first purchase was made at $2.77. Downgrades came fast and furious saying AMD was going to lose their patent rights to INTEL, they had no market share, and no one could build a better chip than NVDIA. September 15th, 2015, I made another large purchase at $1.85. I was called an idiot and crazy but I trusted my research. It wasn’t until March of 2016 the stock came back to my buy price again. By April 2016 I had doubled my money, flip the stock, had some left over let it ride. Next flip came faster in November 2016, then again in March 2017. April 2018, I decided to make another buy at about $9.50, my current average is $7.33 for all my stock. Since I have already cashed out my earlier flips all the money I have in right now is basically profit on top of profit. I am up 231% on that.

Unbelievable, if only all my stocks could do that. I am however realistic, I know that nothing goes up forever. This is just one stock and INTEL and NVDIA are not going to just sit back and let AMD take market share from them. The next few quarters will be interesting, but I think AMD has a lot more space to run.

Fair disclosure, I am invested long in all the stocks mentioned in this post. I am not paid for this post, but if someone wanted to I would let them. Then again I doubt if many people read my posts, so I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon, I am just writing for the fun of it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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