October 2016 Dividends

Well I totally forgot to add up my dividends at the beginning of the month but the good news about dividends is even if you forget they still come in, so here they are:
457K Account: $0.00
Robinhood Account: $39.93
-AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp.) – $3.60
-CIM (Chimera Investment Corp.) – $2.40
-EPR (EPR Properties) – $.64
-KO (Coca Cola Inc.) – $1.75
-LOAN (Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc.) – $8.00
-O (Realty Income Corp.) – $3.03
-ORC (Orchid Island Capital Inc.) – $14.00
-WMC (Western Asset Mortgage Corp.) – $6.51

Sharebuilder Account: $37.82
-CIM (Chimera Investment Corp.) – $8.83
-CMCSA – (Comcast Corp.) – $.56
-CSAL – (Communications Sales & Lease Inc.) -$2.03
-FPI – (Farmland Common Stock) – $5.83
-GE (General Electric) – $1.72
-O (Realty Income Corp.) – $1.50
-ORC (Orchid Island Capital Inc.) – $12.83
-SNV (Synovus Financial Corp.) – $.74
-SPLS (Staples Inc.) – $1.69
-WIN (Windstream Holdings Inc.) – $2.09

Total From All Sources: $77.75
Added shares of the following companies:
Sold shares of the following company:

Despite all the hype about how Wells Fargo did everyone wrong, the fact remains that the revenue charts still show them making money and I am still well under the current price per share on my investment so I still consider them a win. Even more so when you get a quarterly dividend from them. YUMC and QCP are two new interesting additions. They came as a result of spinoffs. I am very happy for the new YUMC shares as they represent YUM moving more into China. I am not so sure about the QCP shares, but we will have to see how that goes.

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