November 2015 Dividends

457K Account: $0
Robinhood Account: $16.92
ARTNA (Artesian Resources Corp) – $0.66
HCP (HCP Inc.) – $1.13
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp) – $2.4
O (Realty Income Corp) – $2.29
PER (Sand Ridge Permian Trust) – $3.00
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $5.60
YUM (Yum Brands) – $1.84

Sharebuilder Account: $41.60
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP) – $12.98
CNSL (Consolidated Communications) – $12.41
HAS (Hasbro Inc.) – $3.26
KMI (Kinder Morgan Inc.) – $1.57
NMM – (Navios Maritime Partners) – $3.70
O (Realty Income Corp) – $1.37
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $6.31

Total From All Sources: $58.52

Added shares of the following companies:
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP)
LUV (Southwest Airlines)
HCP (HCP Inc.)
LOAN (Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc.)
ARTNA (Artesian Resources Corp.)
DF (Dean Foods Inc.)
AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc.)

Unfortunately for me OPEC is still battling for control of the market and thus crude oil prices continue to go lower. I have heard that in the mid-west gas prices are as low as $1.70 a gallon. Here in California prices remain at a $2.70 average. To make matters worse ARP recently announced a dividend cut. That was not fun.

For the good news I got $2.50 more in dividends than I did last month. Last November I earned $11.58 in dividends. That is a 405% increase in dividends! Not too shabby.

Unless something tragic happens I should definitely get over my goal of $500 in dividends for the year. The wildcard for me is my 457K account. If the dividends there are good enough I might even go over $600. Either way it is going to be a record for me.

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