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The stock market is always changing. Every day there are new plays and ways to make and/or lose money. When the stock market is going there is not much time but to do research and monitor the play. On the weekend however the stock market is closed (well one can argue the stock market these days never really closes) and so there is more time to reflect. What I want to do is see if I can make a weekly posting on my current stock picks so I can look back and reflect. Maybe if I am lucky I will get some random comments and some people will give me some ideas for new stocks. Probably not, but I can always hope. Anyhow, here are my stock picks for the week starting 1/6/14:

$ACHN (Achillon Pharmaceuticals Inc.)
Cost Per Share: $2.96
Current Price: $3.47

I am holding this stock for a play somewhere in the $4-$5. They do research in Hep-C drugs. They were close to getting some drugs out there, but the FDA gave them some bad news. The stock sunk, but the insider buys have been huge. I think investors forgot that these guys have a lot of other drugs in the pipeline, but apparently the insiders didn’t.

$ARIA (Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc.)
Cost Per Share: $6.83
Current Price: $7.15

First the FDA said no to their Lukemia drug, but then they said yes and the momentum is now back in their favor. Question is if the momentum is enough to bring it back to where it was.

$ASTI (Ascent Solar Technologies Inc.)
Cost Per Share: $.78
Current Price: $.72

Alternative energy stocks have momentum right now. This stock is a bit of diversification for me in the energy sector. I think the stock could go back into the $1.20 range.

$CNDO (Coronado Biosciences Inc.)
Cost Per Share: $1.69
Current Price: $2.78

I got interested in this stock after reading a study on prosasis. They want to start a new study Jan. 14, but to do that they need a IND application. As soon as that gets announced this stock should skyrocket.

$HA (Hawaiian Holdings Inc.)
Cost Per Share: $7.03
Current Price: $10.31

Budget airlines are the wave of the future. This company has lots of new routes opening up. I see their China routes opening a big market for them.

$HYSR (Hypersolar Inc.)
Cost Per Share: $.01
Current Price: $.006

They are researching new ways on how to make hydrogen fuel cells. If they are successful it would be a big breakthrough on the cost of producing fuel cells. It is a long shot, but the price is worth the long shot.

$KOOL (Thermogenesis Inc.)
Cost Per Share: $1.05
Current Price: $1.05

Stem cell research is interesting to me. These guys make the equipment to store stem cells and have a new partnership lined up. It could be interesting.

$PLUG (Plug Power Inc.)
Cost Per Share: $1.75
Current Price: $2.61

I first invested with these guys when the stock was .70 a share. I have already made 150% profit in this stock and people are saying it could go to $5. Alternative fuel is big and these guys have been drawing in some big customers.

$OPK (OPKO Health Inc.)
Cost Per Share: $9.19
Current Price: $8.58

I am a bit behind the eight ball right now on this stock. Not really sure why I am still in it but I see some big buys coming in which make me believe the institutions are seeing something I don’t see.

$SIRI (Sirius XM Radio)
Cost Per Share: $3.19
Current Price: $3.57

Big news this week as Liberty Radio announced a buyout offer at 3.68 a share. Not sure if I like the offer, but it does show that this company is worth something. I see 4+ in the very near future.

$URG (UR Energy Corp.)
Cost Per Share: $1.50
Current Price: $1.41

These guys are uranium miners. I don’t know much about uranium, but they just made their first sale and the fundamentals look good. I am betting as Japan and China turn back on some more reactors this stock could start to heat up.


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  1. I currently don’t see any price changing news in the near term for OPK. I reiterate my optimism for XPO; look at their chart and you see what I’m banking on. Good luck!

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