Weekend Stock Thoughts 1/19/15

Overall, my paper value took some big hits this months as the stock market went down. Oil continues to decline which means the stock market has been a very volatile. Dividend investing seems to be working out pretty good for me, but growth and momentum stocks haven’t been doing so well. Which is sad because that there is a lot of money to be made in growth and momentum stocks. I have been experimenting recently with a few REITs, we will have to see how those develop. I like the idea of getting monthly dividends, but they seem a bit more riskier. Without further ado, here is where I am currently at.

$AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp.) Cost Per Share: $22.13 Current Price: $21.80
This is what is known as a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). What they do is they take capital from investors like me and then lend it out into income producing real estate and then pay it back out to the investors on a monthly basis. I have added a few of these types of stocks as a way to boost my dividend income on months where dividends are not so common (like February).

$BRK.B (Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B) Cost Per Share: $134.92 Current Price: $149.21
Not much to report here. Declined a little bit this last week in price but overall the trend line is intact so it is still good.

$CAMP (Cal Amp) Cost Per Share: $18.54 Current Price:$16.57
As a growth stock this company had a very bad week with it’s stock price. Not worried about it too much. There are still a lot of orders for this company in the works.

$CNSL (Consolidated Communications) Cost Per Share: $21.62 Current Price: $24.12
Still in it, still getting dividends.

$FPI (Farmland Partners Inc.) Cost Per Share: $11.71 Current Price: $10.78
Still a little underwater on my CPS but as dividends comes in that of course goes down.

$FTR (Frontier Communications Corp.) Cost Per Share: $6.62 Current Price: $6.83
I read a lot of negative articles on this company and considering how utilities have been doing I thought it would have gone down but it didn’t, it went up. No complaint from me, nice dividend stock.

$GE (General Electric Co.) Cost Per Share: $27.82 Current Price: $23.59
Still holding. This company unfortunately has a lot of exposure to energy, but that could be a boom soon.

$HAS (Hasbro Inc.) Cost per share: $54.32 Current Price: $52.54
This is a new purchase for me. I bought it because I wanted more dividend payouts for February.

$LOAN (Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc.) Cost Per Share: $3.79 Current Price: $3.60
Value went down recently but the dividend payout is good and I just got paid so I am happy with where I am at.

$NQ (NQ Mobile) Cost Per Share: $6.13 Current Price: $4.08
I sold out on this stock at $4.10. The current rumor is that the former CEO left on a mental leave of absence. The numbers on their buyback announcement and their intention to go through with the Sky Mobile merger don’t add up to me. I’d rather take the loss and move on.

$O (Realty Income Delaware) Cost Per Share: $48.57 Current Price: $52.65
I got into this stock on a dip in price and plan to use it for it’s monthly dividend.

$ORC (Orchid Capital Incorporated) Cost Per Share: $13.66 Current Price: $13.23
Can’t complain about monthly dividends.

$PLUG (Plug Power Inc.) Cost Per Share: $3.92 Current Price: $2.67
Lowered my cost per share a bit with some additional shares but I am still way underwater on this stock. I think the conference call on 1/28/15 will be good, but you never know with this stock.

$SNV (Synovus Financial Corp.) Cost Per Share: 27.12 Current Price: $25.05
Keeping steady on this stock.

$SPLS (Staples Inc.) Cost Per Share: $12.99 Current Price: $17.35
I have the dividends in this stock automatically reinvested which funny enough made the CPS go up, but I ok with that because those additional shares are in my mind free.

$UL (Unilever PLC) Cost Per Share: $40.76, Current Price: $41.78
Still buying.

$VLTC (Voltari Corp.) Cost Per Share: $1.26, Current Price: $1.22
Like Net Quin mobile this company derives income from mobile marketing. It’s stock history hasn’t been that good, but I like their database management which I think might help out the stock price.

$WIN (Windstream Holdings Inc.) Cost Per Share: $10.67 Current Price: $8.24
I am holding on this stock. The Street has a lot of short interest on it but I think it will be ok.

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