July 2016 Dividends

457K Account: $0

Robinhood Account: $35.11
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp.) – $4.0
CIM (Chimera Investment Corp.) – $2.40
EPR (EPR Properties) – $.64
KO (Coca Cola) $1.75
LOAN (Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc.) – $7.20
O (Realty Income Corp) – $2.39
ORC (Orchid Island Capital Inc.) – $10.22
WMC (Western Asset Mortgage Corp.) – $6.51

Sharebuilder Account: $39.72
CIM (Chimera Investment Corp.) – $8.58
CMCSA (Comcast Corp.) – $.56
CSAL (Communications Sales & Leasing Inc.) – $1.99
DIS (The Walt Disney Co.) – $2.86
FPI (Farmland Common) – $5.76
GE (General Electric) – $1.71
O (Realty Income Corp) – $1.47
ORC (Orchid Island Capital Inc.) – $12.33
SNV (Synovous Fin. Corp.) – $.74
SPLS (Staples Inc.) – $1.66
WIN – (Windstream Holdings Inc.) – $2.06

Total From All Sources: $74.83
Added shares of the following companies:
CIM (Chimera Investment Corp.)
DF (Dean Foods Inc.)
ORC (Orchid Island Capital Inc.)
Sold shares of the following company:
ARPJ (Atlas Resource Partners)

Lost kind of big on Atlas Resource Partners but that is how it goes. I knew buying into them they had a lot of debt and that was a risk. I don’t agree on how they handled it by creating a new company but I didn’t have enough shares to change that decision either so it was time to go. Better to get out now than to hold on and add insult to injury by incurring a tax penalty.

On the positive side the dividends continue to rise. I am well over my $65 estimated average per month and a staggering 64% increase comparing this month to last year.

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