January 2016 Dividends

457K Account: $0
Robinhood Account: $34.74

ENZN (Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc.) – $9.00
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp) – $2.8
O (Realty Income Corp) – $2.29
LOAN (Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc.) – $5.10
EPR (EPR Properties) – $.61.
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $7.70
WMC (Western Asset Mortage Capital Corp) – $5.80
CIM (Chimera Investment Corp) – $1.44

Sharebuilder Account: $33.59
SNV (Synovus Financial Corp) – $.73
LUV (Southwest Airlines) – $.23
DIS (Disney Inc.) – $2.84
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP) – $2.79
SPLS (Staples) – $1.63
CIM (Chimera Investment Corp) – $7.70
CMCSA (Comcast Corp) – $.50
CSAL (Communications Sales & Leasing Inc.) – $5.64 (1.88×3)
GE (General Electric Co) – $1.68
WIN (Windstream Holdings) – $1.97
O (Realty Income Corp) – $1.38
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $6.49
Interest – $.01

Total From All Sources: $68.33

Added shares of the following companies:
ORC (Orchid Capital Inc.)
LOAN (Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc.)

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Saudia Arabia has gone mad!! Oil prices may never come back again… yeah right I say. All I smell is blood in the water and unfortunately someone’s lose can be my gain. I don’t know if the market is going lower, but I am staying the course. I still have several years to invest into this market.

My main concern is raising up my dividends and in that I think I am doing a great job. I am 262% over this month last year. I wish I got that kind of a raise at work!. Granted my $68 dollars isn’t going to pay many bills but every month that adds up.

As you can see I am adding a little bit more into the realty market. I think on the short term basis I am playing with fire. I do think we are heading toward a bubble, but long term I should be OK.

I am a little bit low on capital these days due to my wife needing a tooth implant so I will not be able to buy as many stocks as I would like, but if a good deal comes up I will be ready with a little bit of cash in reserves.

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