December 2017 Dividends

Five months without a blog post!! This blog must be over, nope, just lazy, sort of… Anyhow, the good news despite what I do (or don’t do) the dividends still come in and they still accumulate.

The truth is the last few months I have been using my extra investing time playing the crypto currency markets. From my initial investment into bitcoin at $7K to my expansion out into alternative crypto currency investments it has been a pretty crazy world. Unlike the stock market investing in the crypto currency markets is a whole different ballgame. Back in 2012 I bought some coins at about $10 each. I remember in 2014 there being some talk about if it was going to be legal to own a bitcoin and so I sold them at about $150. I made a good profit but today one bitcoin is worth $13K. Had I kept those initial coins I would have now had about $12 million dollars. Instead I reinvested a few months ago at about $7K. Bitcoins jumped going as high as $19,000. I did a lot of selling and buying. I did not make anywhere close to $12 million dollars but I did manage to accumulate some new coins. In the end I now have a few ETH.X (also known as etherium), a few thousand XRP (also known as ripple), and a few thousand ETN (also known as electroneum). I also have a few thousand extra dollars that I am not sure what to invest with but I decided to keep in it in my crypto locker in case I need to make a few more quick trades.

This however is not what the title of my blog post is about. I am doing this blog post to talk about December 2017 Dividends. December is always a great time for dividends. Actually, it is always my best month. This is mainly due to my 457K account which consists of mostly mutual accounts that pay dividends in December. Add in a few special dividend payments and it makes for an awesome month. So without further ado here is how I did:

457K Account:
Robinhood Account: $64.72
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp.) – $5.94
DF (Dean Foods Inc.) – $2.70
EPR – (Entertainment Properties Trust) – $1.36
FUN – (Cedar Point) – $5.34
HSY – (Hersheys Inc.) – $1.97
KO – (Coca Cola Inc.) – $5.18
O (Realty Income Corp.) – $4.66
ORC – (Orchid Capital Inc.) – $28.56
WFC – (Wells Fargo & Co.) – $1.95
WTR – (Aqua America Inc.) – $2.46
YUM – (Yum Inc.) – $3.90
YUMC- (Yum China Holdings, Inc.) -$.70

Charles Schwab Account: $3.89
O – (Realty Income Corp.) – $3.82
Interest – .07

Total From All Sources: $3,333.01
Total Dividends 2017: $4,599.37
Percentage Increase from 2016: 57.61%

A 57.61 % increase in dividends and all I did was go on with my normal life. Pretty cool.

Also to recap last year. All my investments netted me an 18% increase in net worth over last year. Not bad at all.

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