April 2017 Dividends

So the stock transfer from Capital One to Charles Schwab is complete. This should be the last month that I get dividends from my Capital One account. All my previous investments have been transfered to either Robinhood or Charles Schwab.

This month I continued to gain in dividends by 5% over this month as compared to last year. So that is great.

On the bad news I bought a lot of shares in FTR but the market is not liking Frontier right now so I am in the red. Compounded to that is that the company just announced a reverse split (that is where you end up with less shares) and a 60% decrease of dividend. I can only hope at this point management knows what they are doing. For now I am OK to ride it out a few years but if things don’t turn around soon I could just as easily leave. Still trying to make up my mind if I still believe in the expansion into California.

457K Account: $0
Robinhood Account: $72.13
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp.) – $5.94
O – (Realty Income Corp.) – $3.38
ORC – (Orchid Capital Inc.) – $21.28
LOAN – (Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc.) – $11.20
WMC – (Western Asset Mortgage Capital Corp.) – $9.30
WIN – (Windstream Holdings Inc.) – $5.50
CIM – (Chimera Investment Corp.) – $2.50
EPR – (EPR Properties) – $.68
AI – (Arlington Asset Investment Corp.) – $6.88
SPY – (S&P 500 ETF) -$1.03
KO – (Coca Cola Inc.) -$4.44

Sharebuilder Account: $1.82
GE – (General Electric Co.) – $1.82

Charles Schwab: $3.84
O – (Realty Income Corp.) – 3.80
Interest – $.04

Total April 2017 Dividends: $77.79

Shares Sold/Bought
O – (Realty Income Corp.) – Buy
FTR – (Frontier Communications Corp.) – Buy
LUV – (Southwest Airlines) – Buy


April 2017 Dividends — 4 Comments

  1. Almost into the hundreds category, keep up the great work. I also bought O, but did it to start this month. It’s been fantastic for me over the long haul. Good luck in your future investments. Frontier seems to be challenged, here’s hoping it goes in the right way for you.

    • Lower fees, better interest on balance, better response time, and they give me a no fee debit card that I can use anywhere in the world. It is pretty cool, no outside atm fee, currency fee, or even transaction fee.

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