March 2015 Dividends

March is a good month because I get dividends in all of my accounts. I have a 457 account that is comprised of just mutual funds so I am just listing it by itself, then I have two taxable accounts that I actively manage. In the Robinhood account I take the dividends and reinvest them myself. In the Sharebuilder account I have all dividends automatically reinvested via the DRIP method.

This is where I got dividends in March:
457K Account: 96.84
Robinhood Account: $4.96
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp) – $0.88
O (Realty Income Corp) – $ 0.57
ORC (Orchid Capital Inc) – $3.51
Sharebuilder Account: $18.41
ORC (Orchid Capital Inc) – $3.56
FTR (Frontier Communications Corp) – $2.45
FUN (Cedar Fair LP) – $7.50
WM (Waste MGMT Inc) – $1.16
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP) – $1.44
UL (Unilever PLC) – $2.30

As far as dividend paying stocks go I added several more dividend paying stocks. In the Sharebuilder account I added ARP (Atlas Resources), CIM (Chimera), O (Realty Income Corp), and WM (Waste MGMT). In the Robinhood account I added AGNC (American Capital Agency), WMC (Western Asset Mortgage), ARTNA (Artesian Water), KO (Coca Cola), ORC (Orchid Capital), DNR (Denbury Resources), NVDA (NVIDIA), O (Realty Income Corp), and WFC (Wells Fargo).

I didn’t sell any dividend stocks this month, but I have been flipping CERE and PLUG a bit (two bio energy stocks).

In total $120.21 is not too bad for little to nothing of work.

Full disclosure – Long in all the above mentioned stocks.


March 2015 Dividends — 4 Comments

  1. As you stated $120 is not bad at all for doing nothing. That’s the beauty of passive income. Just simply go about your life doing whatever you are doing and get paid on the side. I see you like quite a few REITs as well. Too much for my liking but that’s why personal finance is ‘personal.’ Thanks for sharing.

  2. That’s a mighty fine month if you ask me. Great job with the new purchases as well, I’m excited to see those first dividends from them roll into your account and inflate it even more. Great progress and thanks for sharing the update 🙂

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