We Need A Jubilee Year

Just did some interesting research and found out the world collectively owes about 108 trillion (US) dollars. That translates to about 10,700 dollars of debt for every man, woman, and child on the planet. 

Of course debt is really owed by country and if you go that way the United States has the highest national debt at 18 trillion. That means every citizen of the United States owes about 58,000 dollars. Could be worse Luxembourg only owes 4 trillion dollars but their population is so low they owe about 3.5 million each (not buying bonds in that country any time soon). 

Want to get away from all this debt? There is one independent country in the world that has no debt, Zimbabwe. Then again they just recently went bankrupt and have no national currency.

Which brings me to the title of my post. There is an old tradition called a Jubilee Year. Basically every 49 years everything gets wiped out to zero. The ancient pre-Columbian civilization kind of had this same tradition as their calendar was based on a 52 year cycle. We need a do over. 

Try as much as you can (Norway is leading a valient effort eliminating 46% of their debt in just 10 years), no country has done it since the beginning of World War I. That was 101 years ago, that is almost two cycles on Mayan calendar! 

It is time we let bygones be bygones. It’s going to be tough. No one is going to give you a 30 year mortgage when the world is on year 41 of a Jubilee Calendar. Then again the current path we are on is not good. People eventually are not going to have money and when that happens they revolt. Revolts lead to wars, which lead to death and destruction. That just leads us to more poverty.

I choose Jubilee Year. We know the end game is coming. Why don’t we mitigate the inevitable, write down some losses peacefully, and end out with a clean slate? It will not be easy, but anything is better than war.


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  1. There was a time when I hated everything British or to be more prceise English. The fact that I am Irish bred and born may partially explain my attitude. All that wasd because I lacked understanding and was without knowledge. But the living God has cleansed my heart of that hatred and has, through His servants in the true Church and they through Holy Scripture and the wonderful booklet which outlines who the British and American peoples actually are. God gave the British and American peoples the lands in which they reside and thrive, not because of their goodness, but because of His promise to Abraham. As for Queen Elizabeth II, I think her to be a gracious and dignified lady who has not disgraced the throne on which she sits. Unfortunately Her grandson Harry lowered the dignity of the royal role he has inherited by cavorting naked with men and women. Nevertheless she retains her dignity and she is to be commended for it. Her comments of 1982 were certainly ones to be applauded, but unfortunately British society has fallen down morally and is far from the type of country of which God approves. Unless they returh to God and keep His commandments in the spirit and the letter God will permit it to fall and the people of that country will be taken into slavery.

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