Weekend Thoughts 3/30/14

I haven’t updated my blog in a while but I have been really busy in my other two money streams (EBay and Website Design), but that is another story. The good news is I have a new infusion of cash ready and I think the market is in a good buying position. Most of the headlines in the news lately have been about how we are pointed down. On a chart level I can see that, but I am feeling a bit contrarian these days and I think the short interest lately has been a bit over played. I have been tracking unemployment numbers and they are starting to look good. Also, I see strong housing numbers which tell me people are starting to build. I think the cold might have slowed the eastern seaboard a bit, but now as we turn to Spring I am feeling not just a turn in the weather but a bit in the markets.

This weeks plays:

$PLUG (Plug Power Inc.) Cost Per Share: $7.33 Current Price: $6.90

What can I say this stock is all over the place! It’s up, it’s down, it’s anything but boring. I am a bit down in my current position, but I don’t really care because I got a feeling this is going to get good really soon. Lots of speculation on Marsh’s “news”. It is really anyone’s guess at this point. My GUESS is Azure for Asia news (noticed today the RSS feed was down) and Hyundai for automotive, but again that is just a guess. My current sell order is at 11.15, just in case a short needs to cover (I am here for you).

$HYSR (Hypersolar Inc.) Cost Per Share: $.07 Current Price: $.0055

I got stopped out of this stock recently at .08 and then rebought some more between .06-.07. After making 500% on that last trade I just couldn’t resist trying again.

$CNSL (Consolidated Communications) Cost Per Share: $20.76 Current Price: $19.65

Just slowly accumulating this stock. I love the idea of receiving a dividend off this stock. I have this crazy idea that I am going to get enough dividend so I can spin the profits into small cap investments.

$FREE (Freeseas INC.) Cost Per Share: $1.87 Current Price: $1.61

Buying this stock must be a physical manifestation of my masochistic side. Why else would I for the second time buy a company that has 2 of 7 ships in operation?! Lost money at this point

$IDN (Intelli-Check Inc.) Cost Per Share: $1.07 Current Price: $.9035

I just recently got a ready pass card for my passport. Every time I go south to the border I notice that there are more ID checks. Every government building I go to has more ID card machines. This sector is getting hot and this is a great entry price. I will be buying all the way to $1.25.

$PAL (North America Palladium Ltd.) Cost Per Share: $.48 Current Price: $.4680

I wasn’t sure about this stock. I was pretty much set on it going down to .42 a share. So I tested it by putting in some really low orders, but it didn’t budge. I thought for sure it would go to .41 on Friday, but it didn’t. Showing such strong support at .45 was key to my decision in buying. TP for me is .75 (do I dare attempt a $1??)

$RNN (Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Cost Per Share: $1.31 Current Price: $1.14

I will be buying more this week. Short interest is high right now due to speculation of a reverse stock split. I don’t think it is going to happen, but I will be more than happy to take the temporary discount to average down my shares. I am still holding out till June on expected trial updates.

$UQM (UQM Technologies Inc.) Cost Per Share: $3.11 Current Price: $2.52

What can I say, lost money. Luckily I have very few shares at this point and I don’t need the cash soon. Maybe if some big automotive news comes out we could see some life here, but not likely.


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