Weekend Thoughts 3/7/14

When I was a freshman at UCSB I was an electrical engineering major. Seeing as I graduated with a MBA it is obvious that the engineering thing was not for me. It was an interesting period during my life. One project I did was do some design work for a prototype vehicle. This was back in 1995 and the idea was that you could fuel a car with bio products. My professor liked the project and I was lucky enough to meet some engineers from the Mobil company. They took me out on this boat and we went about a mile off the coast and I saw this amazing site. The water was churning with bubbles. It was quite the site, it looked like the entire sea was boiling. The water wasn’t hot, what I was seeing was natural gas. Apparently off the Santa Barbara coast line there is a vast supply of energy just bubbling up out of the ocean. It got me interested in the idea of energy and how and where it could be supplied.

Fast forward to today and it looks like hydrogen fuel cells are going to finally see it’s day. I have seriously repositioned (ie. sold) my stocks so that I can concentrate more on this sector. I think we are seeing it in it’s beginning stages, not many people know about hydrogen fuel cells but I think by the end of year they will. So the question is what do I have left…

Last Week’s Plays:

$GALE (Galena Biopharma Inc.) Cost Per Share: $4.30 Current Price: $3.36

Bought again into this stock at $4.14 and it almost immediately went down. I am overall 22% down on this stock. I am trying to stay strong on this stock but it is getting harder to do. My plan is just to hold, if it goes down I might actually add some more stocks just to cost average down a big, but I am still confident if I can just hold the line I should be ok.

$RNN (Rexahn Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Cost Per Share: $1.44 Current Price: $1.32

Shorts have quite the hold on this one. Couple that with some negative articles by Adam Feuerstein and some bad timing on my part you get what we currently have. I am calm however because I feel as though we will be ok, just to got to keep calm and stay the course. The medicine has great potential.

$PLUG (Plug Power Inc.) Cost Per Share: $6.51 Current Price: $8.37

This stock flagged out soo many weeks in the $4 and then it started to go up again dramatically. CEO Marsh was on CNBC and gave an intriguing interview in which he stated that he is in the process of contructing 45 new fuel cell stations (click here for video). Considering there are currently only 14 stations worldwide this is big news. The stock is reacting accordingly as the stock is up 77% currently for the week. The pattern suggests a pull back on Monday and Tuesday, my guess is support is at about $7.07, then we gain again to close the week at $10.

$HYSR (Hypersolar Inc.) Cost Per Share: $.01 Current Price: $.0330

I started buying this stock at .0045, just as speculation and I continue to do the same today. I wonder if it will ever hit a $1. If it can do that then I  will probably be able to retire. Imagine that.

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