Never Will Be Perfect

“There is no more miserable human being than one in whom nothing is habitual than indecision.” – William James

This is what modern day Monopoly cards should look like.

This is what modern day Monopoly cards should look like.

I read an interesting article on MSN Money. It was about how no one knows what the stock market will do (you can read it HERE). Funny thing is the author is obviously a Bear (someone who thinks the market will go down) and I am a Bull (someone who thinks the market is going up), but I still agree with the point of the article.

My basically philosophy with the stock market is “Just Do It!” (no I am not copying Nike, search Kimball and you’ll find out who really wrote that slogan). If you got a plan and you have done your homework, then you need to believe in yourself and execute. Your not going to be perfect, but neither is the other guy on the other side of the trade. In fact to make a trade is to believe the other guy has made a mistake.

Not many people like to talk to me about stocks (money being taboo and all), but when I do mention to them that I have been playing in the stock market they immediately ask “Well, isn’t that risky?” I usually just respond with a simple yes (most people don’t really want to hear more than that), but in my head I have bit longer answer. Basically, it comes down to risk vs. reward, and you can’t get anything if you don’t risk anything. Multiply zero by anything and you still get zero!

So yes, I might lose a bit, but I just might gain a bit too. At the end of the day I am fortunate in my trades that I only have to answer to myself and right now I am pretty happy with what I am what I am seeing. Of course this means the stock market is going to tank on Monday, JUST KIDDING!!!


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