August 2015 Dividends

457K Account: $0
Robinhood Account: $33.15
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp) – $1.2
YUM (YUM Brands Inc.) – $1.64
O (Realty Income Corp) – $2.28
ENZN (ENZON Pharmaceuticals Inc.) – $16
ARTNA (Artesian Resources Corp) – $.22
HCP (HCP Inc.) – $1.13
PER (Sandridge Permian Trust) – $5.08
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $5.60

Sharebuilder Account: $37.01
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP) – $5.35
CNSL (Consolidated Cable Inc.) – $12.17
HAS (Hasbro Inc.) – $3.24
KMI (Kinder Morgan Inc.) – $1.49
NMM (Navios Maritime Partners ) – $7.37
O (Realty Income Corp) – $1.35
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $6.03
Account Interest – $.01

Total From All Sources: $70.16

June Buy/Sell Orders:
Added ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP)
Added DIS (Disney Inc.)
Added KO (Coca Cola Company)
Added DNR (Denbury Resources Inc.)
Added HSY (Hershey Corp.)
Added ORC (Orchid Island Capital Inc.)
Added DF (Dean Foods Company)

That’s right, I am buying hand over fist! Lower prices, bring it on! Didn’t the flash crash hurt you? Yeah, a little, but interestingly it only hurt my 457K account, the one that is supposedly “professionally managed”. The Sharebuilder and Robinhood accounts, the ones that I manage, those actually earned money. Unfortunately the majority of the money I have is in the 457K account so it did hurt my net worth a little bit. Not a big deal though. I consider myself in accumulation mode so when I see those big dips I am buying. No selling right now.

Well, besides the crazy market volatility did you see my dividend returns?! $70.16 is definitely a record for my taxable accounts. I am pushing ever closer to that first $100 per month landmark. I don’t think it will be this year, but it is close.

July 2015 Dividends

Dividend wise July continued to be a good month as my monthly dividends (as seen in my taxable accounts) increased. Value wise it wasn’t so great a month. I have a good section of my stock in the energy field and with crude oil prices tanking I am seeing that sector of my portfolio taking a hit. I am trying to average down on my energy stocks. I just don’t see how crude oil in the 40s is sustainable. Plus, oil stocks have great dividend percentages, so if I can hold on and the price does go up it will make for a good profit.

457K Account: $0
Robinhood Account: $15.81
KO (Coca Cola) – $.33
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp) – $1.2
LOAN (Manhattan Bridge Capital INC) – $2.16
O (Realty Income Corp) – $2.28
WMC (Western Asset Mortgage Capital) – $4.48
CIM (Chimera Investment Corp) – $1.44
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $3.92

Sharebuilder Account: $29.64
SNV (Synovus Financial Corp) – $.60
WIN (Windstream Holdings INC) – $1.39
FPI (Farmland Partners INC) – $5.50
O (Realty Income Corp) – $1.34
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP) – $5.25
CSAL (Communications Sales & Leases INC) – $1.31
SPLS (Staples INC) – $1.60
CMCSA (Comcast Corp) – $.50
GE (General Electric CO) – $1.65
DIS (The Walt Disney CO) – $.66
CIM (Chimera Investment Corp) – $7.20
ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC) – $5.93
Account Interest – $.01

Total From All Sources: $45.45

June Buy/Sell Orders:
Added ENZN (Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc.)
Added (Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc.)
Added (Orchid Island Capital Inc.)
Added (Wells Fargo & CO)
Added KO (Coca Cola Company)
Added DNR (Denbury Resources INC)
Added HSY (Hershey Company)
Added ORC (Orchid Island Capital INC)
Added HAS (Hasbro INC)

My big sell for the month was NVIDIA. It has gone up a bit, but my average was 23 PPS and I just didn’t see it happening any time soon so I sold. Good news in the technology sector AMD is on a tear thanks to the sell off rumors and very high short averages (that are not sustainable).

June 2015 Dividends

June was a good month. Most of the dividends received for June were in my 457K account. Only thing about that account is it is all mutual funds and I don’t have much say so in what gets sold or bought. My taxable accounts were kind of low dividend wise but it is still good money no matter how you look at it.

457K Account: $123.91
Robinhood Account: $8.47
AGNC (American Capital Reality Corp.) – $1.20
DNR (Denbury Resources Inc.) – $0.31
NVDA (NVIDIA Corp) – $0.20
O (Realty Income Corp) – $ 2.27
ORC (Orchid Capital Inc) – $3.78
WFC (Wells Fargo) – $0.38
WTR (Aqua America Inc.) – $0.33

Sharebuilder Account: $26.59
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP) – $5.17
FTR (Frontier Communications Inc.) – $2.49
FUN (Cedar Park LP) – $7.60
O (Realty Income Corp) – $ 0.95
ORC (Orchid Capital Inc) – $6.98
UL (Unilever PLC) – $2.23
WM (Waste Management Inc.) – $1.16
Account Interest – $.01

Total From All Sources: $158.97

According to the BYU-Kennedy Center this is exactly how much the average Crimean pensioner gets per month. I don’t know much about the country of Crimea other than it is now owned by Russia, but it is nice to know I could at least afford a life somewhere. Then again all money transfers into Crimea are currently halted so who knows if I would be able to get my money if I moved there!

June Buy/Sell Orders:
Added HAS (Hasbro Inc.)
Added FTR (Frontier Communications Inc.)
Added YUM (YUM Brands Inc.)
Added DNR (Denbury Resources Inc.)
Added ENZN (Enzon Pharmaceuticals Inc.)

Overall the energy sector is kind of low due to all the excess oil currently in the market, but I think that is going to get bought up and while it has been easy for the Arabian coast to turn up the production numbers on oil, they can only refine so much at a time. Enzon just declared a special dividend of $.50 a share which is great because my average is now down to $1.24 per share. I added to Frontier Communications because I think with the new acquisitions announced we will see news of new customers in future press releases, at least that is what I am hoping.

We Need A Jubilee Year

Just did some interesting research and found out the world collectively owes about 108 trillion (US) dollars. That translates to about 10,700 dollars of debt for every man, woman, and child on the planet. 

Of course debt is really owed by country and if you go that way the United States has the highest national debt at 18 trillion. That means every citizen of the United States owes about 58,000 dollars. Could be worse Luxembourg only owes 4 trillion dollars but their population is so low they owe about 3.5 million each (not buying bonds in that country any time soon). 

Want to get away from all this debt? There is one independent country in the world that has no debt, Zimbabwe. Then again they just recently went bankrupt and have no national currency.

Which brings me to the title of my post. There is an old tradition called a Jubilee Year. Basically every 49 years everything gets wiped out to zero. The ancient pre-Columbian civilization kind of had this same tradition as their calendar was based on a 52 year cycle. We need a do over. 

Try as much as you can (Norway is leading a valient effort eliminating 46% of their debt in just 10 years), no country has done it since the beginning of World War I. That was 101 years ago, that is almost two cycles on Mayan calendar! 

It is time we let bygones be bygones. It’s going to be tough. No one is going to give you a 30 year mortgage when the world is on year 41 of a Jubilee Calendar. Then again the current path we are on is not good. People eventually are not going to have money and when that happens they revolt. Revolts lead to wars, which lead to death and destruction. That just leads us to more poverty.

I choose Jubilee Year. We know the end game is coming. Why don’t we mitigate the inevitable, write down some losses peacefully, and end out with a clean slate? It will not be easy, but anything is better than war.

May 2015 Dividends

In May of 2014 I got my first dividend payments in my taxable accounts. It was $7.75 and it all came from one stock, CNSL (Consolidated Communications). I really haven’t done much with that stock and now I am making $11.95 every quarter with just that one stock. Fast forward to May of 2015 where I received a total of $52.85 from 13 dividend stocks that pay out in May. My current projections have me at $44 a month, apparently I need to adjust my predictions. I will save you the math and tell you that represents a 581.94% increase in just one year!! That is crazy!

There is a saying in the stock market that “the best time to invest in the market was ten years ago.” This may be true. Lots of people are predicting a end to our current bull market and they are right, good times can’t last forever. The thing is there is also another saying that says “the second best time to invest in the market is today.” That is what I am going for, stocks will go up and down, but time in the market is going to conquer that. The best I can hope for is that I am constantly looking after my average.

This is where I got dividends in May:

457K Account: $0

Robinhood Account: $15.34
YUM (YUM Brands Inc.) – .82
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp) – $1.32
ARTNA (Artesian Resources Inc.) – $.22
O (Realty Income Corp) – $ 1.52
ORC (Orchid Capital Inc) – $3.78
PER (Sandridge Permian) – $7.68

Sharebuilder Account: $37.51
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP) – $8.51
CNSL (Consolidated Communications) – $11.95
HAS (Hasbro Inc.) – $1.39
KMI (Kinder Morgan Inc.) – $1.44
NMM (Navios Maritime Partners) – $7.08
O (Realty Income Corp) – $ 0.95
ORC (Orchid Capital Inc) – $6.18
Account Interest – $.01

Total From All Sources: $52.85

April 2015 Dividends

The dividends keep growing in the taxable accounts…

This is where I got dividends in April:

457K Account: $0

Robinhood Account: $10.89
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp) – $1.32
KO (Coca Cola Company) – $.33
LOAN (Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc) – $1.44
O (Realty Income Corp) – $ 0.95
ORC (Orchid Capital Inc) – $2.16
WMC (Western Asset Mortgage Capital) – $4.69

Sharebuilder Account: $32.64
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP) – $5.03
CIM (Chimera Investment Corp) – $7.20
FPI (Farmland Partners Inc) – $4.96
FTR (Frontier Communications Corp) – $2.45
GE (General Electric) – $1.64
O (Realty Income Corp) – $ 0.95
ORC (Orchid Capital Inc) – $3.61
SNV (Synovus Financial Corp.) – $.60
SPLS (Staples) – $1.59
WIN (Windstream) – $3.60, $.98 (Special dividend due to spinoff)
Account Interest – $.03

My big trade last month was selling CAMP (CalAmp) at $21.50. I made a good bit of money from my buying in the $18’s.

A lot of companies had reverse splits and I went through my first spinoff with WIN (Windstream). I now have shares of WIN and CSAL (Communications Sales and Leasing Inc). I am not sure what to make of CSAL. So far it doesn’t look to be doing well, it has gone down a lot since the spinoff. I don’t really have a reason to sell it, so for now I will keep it until I can better evaluate it’s worth.

Not as much as last month but $43.53 is pretty darn good for just a few clicks and a bit of research.

Full disclosure – Long in all the above mentioned stocks.

March 2015 Dividends

March is a good month because I get dividends in all of my accounts. I have a 457 account that is comprised of just mutual funds so I am just listing it by itself, then I have two taxable accounts that I actively manage. In the Robinhood account I take the dividends and reinvest them myself. In the Sharebuilder account I have all dividends automatically reinvested via the DRIP method.

This is where I got dividends in March:
457K Account: 96.84
Robinhood Account: $4.96
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp) – $0.88
O (Realty Income Corp) – $ 0.57
ORC (Orchid Capital Inc) – $3.51
Sharebuilder Account: $18.41
ORC (Orchid Capital Inc) – $3.56
FTR (Frontier Communications Corp) – $2.45
FUN (Cedar Fair LP) – $7.50
WM (Waste MGMT Inc) – $1.16
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP) – $1.44
UL (Unilever PLC) – $2.30

As far as dividend paying stocks go I added several more dividend paying stocks. In the Sharebuilder account I added ARP (Atlas Resources), CIM (Chimera), O (Realty Income Corp), and WM (Waste MGMT). In the Robinhood account I added AGNC (American Capital Agency), WMC (Western Asset Mortgage), ARTNA (Artesian Water), KO (Coca Cola), ORC (Orchid Capital), DNR (Denbury Resources), NVDA (NVIDIA), O (Realty Income Corp), and WFC (Wells Fargo).

I didn’t sell any dividend stocks this month, but I have been flipping CERE and PLUG a bit (two bio energy stocks).

In total $120.21 is not too bad for little to nothing of work.

Full disclosure – Long in all the above mentioned stocks.

February 2015 Dividends

I am still kind of new on the dividend investment thing so I am sure many people reading this post are going to laugh, but you gotta start somewhere right?!

Starting with the new year I started tracking my dividends in my taxable accounts. I get dividends in my non-taxable accounts, but they mostly comprised of mutual funds that track indexes so it doesn’t translate well when I talk about dividends in those accounts.

In January I earned $18.87 in dividends. In February I got $20.57. Not much, but it’s money I didn’t have to work to get at all. Plus a 9% one month increase is a heck of a lot better than I got in my savings account. Unlike trading which isn’t much work either, but you do have to monitor the trade. With dividends it just shows up in your account.

This is where I got dividends in February:
ARP (Atlas Resource Partners LP) – $2.56
AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp) – $0.88
CNSL (Consolidated Communications) – $11.75
HAS (Hasbro Inc) – $1.29
O (Realty Income Corp) – $ 0.57
ORC (Orchid Capital Inc) – $3.51
Interest – .01 (not really dividend, but it is part of my taxable accounts)

I added PER (Sand Ridge Permian Trust), WMC (Western Asset Mortgage Capitol Corp), and YUM (Yum Brands) which will also payout in February, so I should see a bigger payout next quarter in May. As far as the year goes I am up to $39.44. Considering I earned $39.85 in all of 2014 I think I can say I am going to do better than last year.

I am still trying to grow my dividends funds so they can be another part of my financial strategy. As such all the money I earn in dividends will be re-invested into new stocks. The idea being that it will compound along with my other stocks for higher returns.

Full disclosure – Long in all the above mentioned stocks.

Dividend Outlook

I don’t know what most people looking for financial freedom do in the morning. As for me mornings seem to be the best time of the day for me. Everyone else is asleep so it gives me a little bit of extra time. I think that is what financial freedom means to me, the ability to carve out more time. Thinking about financial freedom it seems to be a lot about money, but it really has to do more with time. Time is definitely worth more than money. Anyhow, that is enough of the morning philosophizing.

The real reason I wanted to write was because I was updating my dividend spreadsheet (something I suspect a lot of financial freedom seekers do) and I wanted to put it into writing how my dividends were doing (for posterity). My investments are currently in three different accounts. I have two taxable accounts, a Sharebuilder and a Robinhood account. I also have one non-taxable account, a Great West Retirement account which is run by my employer.

Other than the contributions I make into my Great West account, I don’t really manage it that much. All the funds in there are mutual funds with a mix of bonds. I started that account in my early 20’s putting in $200 a month and I have been slowly increasing my contribution with pay raises. Right now I invest $350 a month in that account. Reviewing the dividend section of that account I received $2,224.57 in dividend payments, or, another way of putting it $185.38 per month.

My other two accounts are taxable accounts. They are all in stock and I actively manage both of those portfolios. I started contributing to those accounts in 2012. In the past I have been seeking mostly growth stocks, but starting last year I have been looking into dividend stocks. I am currently contributing about $300 a month to those accounts (sometimes a little bit more if my side business makes money). I currently own a piece of 16 different companies that produce dividends(ARP, AGNC, CNSL, FPI, FTR, FUN, GE, HAS, LOAN, O, ORC, SNV, SPLS, UL, WIN, YUM). Looking at my spreadsheet I am projecting $241.96 in dividends this year, or, another way of putting it $20.16 per month.

OK, so bottom line, at roughly $205 a month I am no where near financial freedom, but I want to be! To that end I will just keep on contributing. My goal is to eventually produce $1860 in monthly revenue (that is the least I figure I can get by with in California). As you can see I am at about 11% of that goal by way of dividends. Part of the plan also includes growth stocks and reoccurring revenue from some side businesses I have. A long way to go, but at least I have something. It makes me happy to know that I am at least trying to get to my goal of financial freedom.

Disclosure: Long ARP, AGNC, CNSL, FPI, FTR, FUN, GE, HAS, LOAN, O, ORC, SNV, SPLS, UL, WIN, and YUM.

Weekend Stock Thoughts 1/19/15

Overall, my paper value took some big hits this months as the stock market went down. Oil continues to decline which means the stock market has been a very volatile. Dividend investing seems to be working out pretty good for me, but growth and momentum stocks haven’t been doing so well. Which is sad because that there is a lot of money to be made in growth and momentum stocks. I have been experimenting recently with a few REITs, we will have to see how those develop. I like the idea of getting monthly dividends, but they seem a bit more riskier. Without further ado, here is where I am currently at.

$AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp.) Cost Per Share: $22.13 Current Price: $21.80
This is what is known as a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust). What they do is they take capital from investors like me and then lend it out into income producing real estate and then pay it back out to the investors on a monthly basis. I have added a few of these types of stocks as a way to boost my dividend income on months where dividends are not so common (like February).

$BRK.B (Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B) Cost Per Share: $134.92 Current Price: $149.21
Not much to report here. Declined a little bit this last week in price but overall the trend line is intact so it is still good.

$CAMP (Cal Amp) Cost Per Share: $18.54 Current Price:$16.57
As a growth stock this company had a very bad week with it’s stock price. Not worried about it too much. There are still a lot of orders for this company in the works.

$CNSL (Consolidated Communications) Cost Per Share: $21.62 Current Price: $24.12
Still in it, still getting dividends.

$FPI (Farmland Partners Inc.) Cost Per Share: $11.71 Current Price: $10.78
Still a little underwater on my CPS but as dividends comes in that of course goes down.

$FTR (Frontier Communications Corp.) Cost Per Share: $6.62 Current Price: $6.83
I read a lot of negative articles on this company and considering how utilities have been doing I thought it would have gone down but it didn’t, it went up. No complaint from me, nice dividend stock.

$GE (General Electric Co.) Cost Per Share: $27.82 Current Price: $23.59
Still holding. This company unfortunately has a lot of exposure to energy, but that could be a boom soon.

$HAS (Hasbro Inc.) Cost per share: $54.32 Current Price: $52.54
This is a new purchase for me. I bought it because I wanted more dividend payouts for February.

$LOAN (Manhattan Bridge Capital Inc.) Cost Per Share: $3.79 Current Price: $3.60
Value went down recently but the dividend payout is good and I just got paid so I am happy with where I am at.

$NQ (NQ Mobile) Cost Per Share: $6.13 Current Price: $4.08
I sold out on this stock at $4.10. The current rumor is that the former CEO left on a mental leave of absence. The numbers on their buyback announcement and their intention to go through with the Sky Mobile merger don’t add up to me. I’d rather take the loss and move on.

$O (Realty Income Delaware) Cost Per Share: $48.57 Current Price: $52.65
I got into this stock on a dip in price and plan to use it for it’s monthly dividend.

$ORC (Orchid Capital Incorporated) Cost Per Share: $13.66 Current Price: $13.23
Can’t complain about monthly dividends.

$PLUG (Plug Power Inc.) Cost Per Share: $3.92 Current Price: $2.67
Lowered my cost per share a bit with some additional shares but I am still way underwater on this stock. I think the conference call on 1/28/15 will be good, but you never know with this stock.

$SNV (Synovus Financial Corp.) Cost Per Share: 27.12 Current Price: $25.05
Keeping steady on this stock.

$SPLS (Staples Inc.) Cost Per Share: $12.99 Current Price: $17.35
I have the dividends in this stock automatically reinvested which funny enough made the CPS go up, but I ok with that because those additional shares are in my mind free.

$UL (Unilever PLC) Cost Per Share: $40.76, Current Price: $41.78
Still buying.

$VLTC (Voltari Corp.) Cost Per Share: $1.26, Current Price: $1.22
Like Net Quin mobile this company derives income from mobile marketing. It’s stock history hasn’t been that good, but I like their database management which I think might help out the stock price.

$WIN (Windstream Holdings Inc.) Cost Per Share: $10.67 Current Price: $8.24
I am holding on this stock. The Street has a lot of short interest on it but I think it will be ok.